At Hummingbird IRB, we understand the viewpoint of investigators and researchers. Almost all of our board members and administrative staff, as well as the founders, of Hummingbird have been involved in research either at the site level or as researchers in academic institutions.

Our goal is to make our processes easy to understand and follow. We also believe it is important to provide knowledgeable, friendly and efficient people who will answer your questions and assist your staff. We don’t want you to have to make more than one phone call or to speak to more than one person to obtain an answer to your question.

Our IRB believes we are a trusted source for regulatory, ethical and scientific information. Our most important goal, of course, is to provide human subject protection but we know that investigators and researchers are an integral part of the achieving that goal.

Please call us 24/7 to allow us to prove that we are a trusted partner in the important work that we are all committed to in the field of medical, social and behavioral research.

Our Investigator and Researcher staff manual is available on this page to explain our policies and procedures. Please let us know if you have suggestions or comments on this document.